Brighton's Billy Gilmour opens up on his 'Devil Baby' stalker ordeal

star Billy Gilmour has revealed he was left so traumatised by a stalker that he now has to take sleeping tablets just to nod off at night.

Orla Sloan, 22, , has admitted to targeting Gilmour as well as his former team-mates Mason Mount and in a terrifying campaign that began after a house party at Chilwell’s home.

Gilmour was sent messages by Instagram influencer Sloan after the party which prompted the midfielder to raise concerns with Brighton, who put extra security measures in place.

The barrage of messages to Gilmour left him traumatised and unable to sleep, while Sloan also made false claims to have fallen pregnant by the Premier League star, who joined the south coast club from Chelsea for £9million.

The Scotland international said: Masa Jabatan Pimpinan KPK Kini Berubah Menjadi Lima Tahun ‘This has had a very negative impact on me; I have been unable to sleep and have had to resort to taking sleeping tablets.

Brighton star Billy Gilmour (right) was left traumatised and unable to sleep after being stalked by Orla Sloan (left)

Gilmour reveals he was left so traumatised by the ordeal that he’s now taking sleeping tablets

‘This has had a negative effect on my performances.

‘During the time I consistently received messages from Orla I was in a new town where I didn’t know anyone or have any friends or family.






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